The Essentials of Fashion – 101

What Makes Fashion So Interesting To Many People?

When people hear the word fashion, the first thing that would pop into their head is the trendy clothes and expensive accessories. The thing here is that so many people in the world have found themselves and their own voice to shout to the world the moment they delved deeper into fashion. Those who are deeply invested in the fashion industry would not only watch what the wear but also take heed of what they eat, how they behave, who they hang out with, and many more. To those who think fashion is shallow, think again. The world may seem to segregate people base on ace or culture or maybe even age but one thing will always keep everyone on the same level. In some countries, men who wear skirts is an acceptable thing while in other countries they would prefer their men to wear pants. The main idea here is that fashion is a universal thing and people do not notice it but they are easily identified by their preferences in clothing, food, and even in the way they act.

The so called trends in fashion have only started when the world has become more industrialized and modernization was the main goal of everyone. You may have observed how some people, those that are considered elites, have been setting trends and people are dumping their personal cultures and preferences jus to follow this so called trends. The modern world is nothing but famous people setting trends in the form of clothes, accessories, diet plans, and lifestyles while the rest of the world craves nothing more but to imitate that trend. Many people who make business in the fashion industry are making so much money because getting word out is easier to do now with the help of technology. In the simpler times, it would be all about the dress, but today, when you want to look trendy, you are going to have to make sure that you have the right clothes, the perfect shoes, the most sparkly jewelry, the trendiest eye wear and the newest gadgets. The same goes for all the meals around the world wherein you can easily identify the country it belongs to. Basically, the best example would be the fact that people know hat croissants is to the french while noodles is to the chinese.

The diversity of people’s personalities and characteristic would definitely make the state of mind as a subpart of fashion. What you need to keep in mind is that fashion can be applied anywhere in the world and can involve anything for as long as there is uniqueness within.

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