Pros and Cons of Choosing a New Vinyl Liner Pool in Bucks and Montgomery County

Homeowners who want to have an inground pool installed naturally want it to be as problem-free as possible. They may have heard that a New vinyl liner pool in Bucks and Montgomery County is the best option for several reasons. Their other choices are fiberglass and concrete. One important point is that vinyl liner pools cost less upfront than the other versions.

Smooth Surface

Vinyl liners have the advantage of providing a smooth surface along the pool walls. The liner provides a somewhat more flexible surface too, which is appealing to swimmers who like to bounce off the pool walls with their hands or feet as they speed back and forth across the length of the pool.


People who want a customized pool shape and size must choose vinyl or concrete, as this is not an option with fiberglass. Those pools are delivered to the site and placed after excavation. Customization can be important when the customer wants to have the pool constructed in a very specific area of a yard.

Low Porosity

Vinyl is not as vulnerable to algae growth as concrete is because it isn’t very porous. For the same reason, this type of pool, installed by a company such as Sparklean Pools, also doesn’t need as many chemicals to keep the sanitation and pH levels in balance.

Potential Damage

People may worry about the liner being susceptible to tearing, especially if they have rowdy kids and their friends who will be using the pool. This usually isn’t an issue, and if tearing does occur, it’s typically near the top. Those flaws are easily fixed with do-it-yourself repair kits.


The liners should last 10 or 15 years before they need replacement. It should be noted that a concrete pool usually needs renovation within this kind of time frame as well. Prospective swimming pool owners must keep in mind that they probably can’t expect today’s vinyl liners to last as long as those manufactured 30 or more years ago. The industry has traded some of the longevity for changes to the material that are better for the environment and also for humans swimming in the pool.