Opinions may Very when it Comes to Comfortable Mattresses

There are plenty of opinions as to what mattress is the most comfortable. However, comfortable mattresses have a great deal to do with the individual and, most importantly, how the individual sleeps. Understanding the characteristics of a person’s sleeping habits, especially the position in which they generally sleep, can help determine what type of mattress is going to work best in terms of mattress firmness.

Firmness Considerations

People who sleep on their backs tend to require a slightly firmer mattress. This type of mattress offers the most support, as a person sleeping on their back is widely considered the optimal way to sleep. For people who tend to sleep on their sides, a firmer mattress will typically cause a significant amount of aches and pains when waking up from a night of sleep. For side sleepers and stomach sleepers, a more plush mattress tends to work the best.

Mattress Materials

The next question is what type of mattress works the best? There are a number of choices, such as the standard innerspring mattress, memory foam mattresses and gel foam mattresses. A quality innerspring mattress is going to be good no matter what type of position a person sleeps in. A foam mattress may offer more body contouring and better support when a person sleeps at night, but these mattresses tend to be a bit expensive and warmer. This can be difficult for people who are sensitive to temperature changes while sleeping.

Gel Foam Mattresses

An option for people that enjoy memory foam but don’t enjoy how warm the mattresses can be are gel foam mattress. These mattresses offer the same sort of body contouring that memory foam mattresses provide, but, because they are made of a gel foam material, they tend to be much cooler to sleep on than the average memory foam mattress.

The bottom line is when it comes to a comfortable mattress, much of what is going to be appealing will have a lot to do with trial and error. Knowing what position you sleep in can help you find a baseline in terms of mattress firmness. From there, it will be a simple matter of choosing the mattress materials that feel the best for you.